It’s been a while.

Update_12_31_12_028Yes, this is true.

There haven’t been any posts in a while. After the last few weddings, more and more amazing things happened in my life and I was moving from each to the other before I could come up with a proper update to reflect them.

I will attempt to give a good summary of the last few months through words as well as some of the last few weddings’ best photos.

The best things that happened are my wife and I receiving the news that we are going to have a baby boy as well as the fact that we were finally able to close on a house and find ourselves a permanent home. I’m going to be a dad! Yes, shudder about that, then be excited 🙂

The house took ages due to some strange paperwork that seemed to go missing during the sale of the first house that we fell for. After months of waiting, moving in with my father (“for only a few weeks” turned into a much longer stay that we anticipated), and little to no updates from the people in control of the title, we finally gave up and went looking for another house. Amazingly enough we found an even better home that feels much more suited for us and our family plans. We are now happily settling into a wonderful home that we are slowly tweaking into our own personal place.

In this process of moving out of an apartment, into my dad’s, and eventually into our house, I had a graphics card on my usual work computer die on me right in the middle of editing weddings. This gave me some good reason to get generally annoyed and force myself to splurge on a new computer I like to describe as a “beast.” This is another reason why we should all make backups of our valued files. I keep all of my weddings on external hard drives to protect myself and my clients from any potential hazards. Always back up your important things to thumb drives or hard drives people!

Regarding weddings, our last few weddings were with some great couples and some very wonderful weather. Everyone was there to have fun and make some good photos, and we definitely did both.

Hit the Jump for the photos!

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A visit to Montana

Near the end of wedding season, I spent a week with friends enjoying a trip out to Montana. The trip was amazing and I cannot express the amount of beauty the parks and locations we visited presented to me.

The image above is a grid of just a few of the images I took during our trip. After a year of weddings, photography becomes a bit of a bore/nuisance. The trip was a good way to drive me to photograph again for personal reasons. As a photographer, I definitely need to remember to make images for myself sometimes. Images need to be personal in many ways.

The trip included some moments I will probably never forget. Visiting Yellowstone National Park and getting to fly fish in a stream with good friends. Driving to “the top of the world” and seeing Bear Tooth Pass and glaciers that exist even during the summer. Checking out many lakes, streams, and waterfalls.

Thanks again to Brian for allowing us to visit and giving us a very hospitable place to stay.

Kelly and Julian Preview

Have a look at Julian and Kelly’s wedding photos from earlier this year!

We had a really great time with these guys and the weather held out for them to have a really beautiful ceremony at an opera house in Grand Ledge, MI.

We couldn’t have made some of these crazy portraits —including the best jumping photo I’ve gotten in ages— without the enthusiasm of the entire bridal party. Thanks guys!

Congratulations to Kelly and Julian!

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Rafferty Preview

Matt and Molly had a great day planned. Everyone involved worked very hard to make the day wonderful for this amazing couple and they all still had a huge amount of fun in the process.

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Nick and Karen

Here’s a preview of Nick and Karen’s photos from last month. The whole day was filled with amazing weather and a group of people happy to be together. We had such a good time with these guys!

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John and Misty

Summer had definitely taken an early start on this one. John and Misty hosted an amazing wedding in Detroit in a venue I could never have guessed would be as amazing as it was.

John and Misty Detroit Wedding

John and Misty Detroit Wedding

Misty’s dress had some great detail. Hit the jump for more photos!

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Chris and Katie Foote Preview

Here are a few images from Chris and Katie’s wedding a couple of weeks ago. We had a really great time shooting with you guys and I am so glad the weather held out for us to make some great pictures.

Hope you enjoyed your vacation time and happy marriage!

I love Chucks, and these were so great. Custom design for the wedding.

Chris and Katie Foote Wedding Preview 2

Katie rocked this dress. She looked so amazing in it and the detail was so beautiful. In fact, I’ll try to put up a detail shot later this this weekend!

Chris and Katie Foote Wedding Preview 3

Chris and Katie Foote Wedding Preview 4

Chris didn’t have to do much to look just right in a suit. All of the boys had custom shoes. Each one was monogrammed with the guys name! Really great style.

Chris and Katie Foote Wedding Preview 5

Katie works at a tattoo shop and major parts of the wedding were themed to match. I loved the cake topper. Katie actually painted this thing herself to match her color scheme.

Chris and Katie Foote Wedding Preview 7

Chris and Katie Foote Wedding Preview 8

Chris and Katie Foote Wedding Preview 9

Chris and Katie Foote Wedding Preview 10

Chris and Katie Foote Wedding Preview 11

Chris and Katie Foote Wedding Preview 12

Chris and Katie Foote Wedding Preview 13

Chris and Katie Foote Wedding Preview 14

Western Michigan University has such a great campus. If you are ever in the area and have the chance, it’s a great place to walk around and see some great sculptures and buildings.

Chris and Katie Foote Wedding Preview 15

Chris and Katie Foote Wedding Preview 16

Chris and Katie Foote Wedding Preview 17

Chris and Katie Foote Wedding Preview 18

Thanks guys! Congratulations!!!

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